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1. For how long will “A la Carta” be free?
Forever! The registration, as well as the permanence in our platform is 100% free.

2. What type of business or conditions do I have to have to register?
Any type of local business located in California is welcome! The requirements are just wanting to make yourself known to increase your customers and your sales.

3. Do I need to have a website and social networks to be on "A la Carta"?
No, you can register only with the name of your business, your address and the description of your products or services, so you will already be in the digital world! But having your website and your social networks linked will boost you much more.

4. What is the registration process?
It is very simple, you just need to fill out the following form: Register

5. How can customers enter "A la Carta" to see the directory?
They can do it from their computer, tablet or mobile with internet access. Just type in the search engine:

6. What special features does “A la Carta” offer for businesses and clients?
In addition to showing the data of the businesses and their products or services, “A la Carta” includes a space to display offers or discount coupons, and relevant information about businesses and local consumption.

7. In the event of changes in products or services, how long does it take for the business information to be updated?
The update is immediate!

8. How is the platform used?
It is very easy to navigate “A la Carta” whether you are a customer or business owner. You will find the navigation buttons very user -Friendly;  search, visualize, schedule appointments, filling in your data or any other action. But, if you need help, you can write to us at

9. I have questions that are not listed here, who can I contact?
To resolve any questions in a personalized way, we ask you to contact us at (408)685 5783. We will respond at our earliest convenience.

10. Can several businesses of the same owner be registered?
Sure, you can register as many businesses as you want, as long as you fill in the information for each and that they are active businesses.